Trouble with my Beach wi-fi router

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Thread: Trouble with my Beach wi-fi router

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    Default Trouble with my Beach wi-fi router

    My dad recently bought a Wi-Fi router for our beach house so when he goes there to work he can get online, I had brought both my DS with me on a recent trip there and thought it would be easy to connect them. I was wrong. I tried to connect my DSi to to by putting in the network info, and it didnt work. it was WPA and told me i needed to advance settings, i tried to use that to connect and it still didnt work. I really hope its compatible with my DS but it looks like it isnt. It was a Netgear router
    it also reluctantly connected my moms laptop in certain places, but connected my Ipod Touch immediately with no problems, any help?

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    Default Re: Trouble with my Beach wi-fi router

    Games designed for the original DS cannot use WPA encrypted networks, even if played on a DSi. You have to switch to WEP if you want to have encryption and play such games. Games for DSi should be able to connect fine, though.

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    Default Re: Trouble with my Beach wi-fi router

    Quote Originally Posted by MechPlasma View Post
    To switch, you should be able to access your router settings by typing your Gateway address (eg: as a url. You can get your gateway address by:
    -Windows XP: start -> run -> type in "cmd" -> type in "ipconfig"
    -Windows Vista/7: start-> type in "cmd" in the search bar at the bottom -> type in "ipconfig"
    After that, it really depends on what router you have, so we can't help you after that.

    Also, if you do this you're gonna need to have to change the password used to connect, so make sure everyone who uses it knows that.


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