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    This is probably the best remix in the game:

    A game that manages to make Sonic 2006 look awesome is truly special.
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    They really spruced this up into one hell of a piece, especially during the second phase when it just becomes really rockin'. Compared to most of the other classic themes of classic stages, it really stands out (Stardust Speedway comes close, though). Of course, it's not necessarily the best track in the game. Technically, you can consider it more of an arrangement than anything else, too. I do like what they did with both Rooftop Runs (classic sounds like NiGHTS!). And if you want to talk feats, Classic City Escape makes autotune look good. That takes real effort. They even put part of Endless Mine's melody in it.

    And of course, there's this final nail in your theory's coffin. Let's not talk about Sky Sanctuary either, or I'll be typing until next week. Or hell, I should really stop now, because there's way too many nice surprises to talk about in-depth. But in particular,

    Don't know what to put here.

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