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Thread: Request for GMod modders

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    Post Request for GMod modders

    Hello, Poke here , and I have some model requests for any GMod modders out there:
    • Sceptile
    • Brendan
    • May
    • Rayquaza

    If you know any addons that come with the above models, please link to the workshop page (assuming this isn't covered under the distribution rules)

    Q: Why do you need these?
    A: I do HD GMod stills as a hobby, I want one to make an avatar on here, as well as to just play around.

    Q: Why don't you do it?
    A: While I'm awesome with texture maps, I absolutely suck with the Source SDK.

    Q: What about the scale, Rayquaza's huge!
    A: Make Brendan and May human sized (feel free to use the citizen as a base model, it'll help with size and the next question), and make the other two have the same scale shown in Pokémon Emerald. If you have extra time, a "small" version of Rayquaza and Sceptile would be nice.

    Q: What about NPCs?
    A: Don't fret about it, though it'd be nice if the humans had all the basic animations. Enough so I could make it a playermodel or NPC if I wanted to.

    Q: Shiny variants?
    A: Please, but it's not necessary.

    Q: Brendan and May have different designs in R/S and Emerald, which do I make?
    A: I'd appreciate both, but I'd prefer the Emerald design. R/S design is just for spare time :P

    Q: What about Sceptile's prevolutions?
    A: I'd appreciate it, but the listed four are priorities.

    Q: Well, okay...
    A: Tha- Wait, that's not a question!

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    Default Re: Request for GMod modders

    @pokefan548; This doesn't generate any discussion and really seems better suited to a blog so I'm closing it.

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