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Thread: This is a rather silly question

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    Default This is a rather silly question

    However, I don't know the answer, so I must ask it anyway!

    I live in Canada. Let's suppose I purchased a Japanese Nintendo 64 and Japanese games to go with it. Would I be able to use it with my Canadian television/plugs/outlets/etc or is the plug frequency(?) or whatever different? Just an idea I've considered and wondering if it was even feasible.

    feedback is appreciated \o/

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    I don't think you'd have to worry about different frequencies. Japanese N64 games can be played on the American N64; all you need to do is slice off 2 tiny plastic tabs inside the tray. They most likely wouldn't be playable on each other if the hardware was different. The only thing you'd probably need is an adapter to plug into the wall if the plug is different.

    I'm going off of online images and videos here, so I could probably be wrong.

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    Default Re: This is a rather silly question

    Shouldn't this be in Tech Help?


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