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    Has anyone else heard about this game yet?
    It's a game thats primarily PvP but you can be either human classes or dinosaur classes. It's coming out eventually for PC and MAAAAYBE consoles much later
    The strategies for both humans and especially dinosaurs that would be needed is insane, but also fun.

    Primal Carnage

    unfortunately this game isnt from any big shot company who has tons of cash to throw around,so the game's not coming out for a long long time.

    and also pardon me if there's already a thread for this :D

    You can be some fun human classes, a heavy arms dude, a trapper, a pathfinder(has a dog to help a bit), a sniper, and a commando.

    the dino classes are the heavy (Rex), Pteranodon (Scout), compsnagthus (horde), Dilophosaurus (support),and finally the Raptor (assault)

    You can ride jeeps and motorcycles, and have to also watch out for herbivores and try not to tick them off too.

    Rex Video
    mostly raptor/merc vid
    these videos are from their alpha but still pretty nice

    I am eagerly awaiting this game.

    Discuss! :D
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