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    I hope I put this in the right place...

    So, today I was thinking about how awesome a Pokemon/Harvest Moon crossover could be.
    Just imagine a game where you raised Miltanks, Flaffys, and maybe Torchics or some possibly unreleased Gen VI Chicken-like pokemon in a Harvest Moon-like setting.
    With the addition of regular crops, you could grow certain berries from the pokemon world. Oran berries could be used to grow your farm pokemon faster or heal them when sick, while other berries like the Watmel Berry could be sold simply for profit.
    Overall, Harvest Moon with Pokemon elements.

    All feedback and suggestions are appreciated, unless it's really mean.

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    I think it'd be quite cool to have a side pokemon game dedicated to the non battling side, such as maintain a farm. You could catch pokemon and breed them, breeding more pokemon makes the farm larger or allows items to be bought, like silos or stables. I think more pokemon should be able to be found in the game, say maybe 150 pokemon. You could choose to only breed and raise river pokemon or make a dedicated farm for Miltank. There could be contests, like the gyms, where your best raised pokemon would compete. Such as having the strongest Taurus or fastest Pikachu.

    There should be full connectivity between this and the main games so that farmed pokemon can be raised and traded.


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