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    Default Overrated games?

    There's always games that everybody praises, but you don't understand why. Mine are:
    CoD. I have an extreme hatred for these games, and I always will.
    Gone Home: I don't hate the game, but I don't understand why everyone likes it so much.
    Dota 2: I hear tons of people talk like it's the best game ever, but when I try to even watch someone play it, it's just so boring for me.

    What about you?
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    Default Re: Overrated games?

    Halo. Every time I hear about it or see it, I just roll my eyes and shrug. It has never appealed to me. Same thing with Call of Duty. It just looks boring.

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    Default Re: Overrated games?

    The Super Mario Galaxy series as well as Super Mario 3D World.

    They are all good and fun, but as far as being parts of the 3D Mario series, they are a bit underwhelming. The series quickly needs to move back away from the linear platforming, or they're going to lose me. Especially if Super Mario 3D becomes a series, much like New Super Mario Bros. >.<

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    Default Re: Overrated games?

    This is a hard one, but for me it's...

    Mario: I don't play games with my siblings like I used to so party games have 0 appeal, and for the main games I honestly just never found them fun.

    GTA: I've tried playing my brother's games, and sure there's crime and whatnot, but I don't find it fun to fool around I guess you can say? Though this probably deals with me being reserved as a person. No idea.

    Anything realistic like basketball, war games, and etc. Most of what I play is fantasy, I'm not huge on anything realistic. Like Sims for example, I get bored within 10 minutes the only real fun I get from the games is building houses.
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