Mass Effect 3 Ending *SPOILERS*

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Thread: Mass Effect 3 Ending *SPOILERS*

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    Default Mass Effect 3 Ending *SPOILERS*

    The ending(s) of Mass Effect 3......there are no words to describe how terrible they sucked. I cant tell whats worse, how terrible the options were or how THEY WERE ALL THE SAME!

    So, give me your input. Did you like the ending? Did you hate it? Do you want it changed?

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 Ending *SPOILERS*

    It's bad writing, EA should not have booted Drew Karpyshyn (the creator of the series and writer for the first two) off the team and should've gone with his original story plan, and it's the opposite of what Casey Hudson promised us. And now that the Indoctrination Theory is thrown out the window, it makes the ending that much worse. While I would've preferred the Indoctrination Theory, I still think it's bad writing to say all of this crap happened, and then at the end say, "herpderp n0 itz n0t trollolol itz all in hiz h3d". This guy has the right idea, and he also explains what the story would've been like if Drew had stayed on the project.


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