I searched around for a thread like this, but the closest thing I could find was just a contest between the Mario and Zelda franchises as a whole.

Now we specifically see how their protagonists fare. Between Mario and Link, which of them has the most impressive resumé?

Here's their specs from their respective Nintendo 64 titles (Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) to get us started.

Note: This comparison references Adult!Link's equipment rather than Child!Link's.

Unarmed Combat:

  • Mario: Proficient
  • Link: Never tried

Physical Strength:

  • Mario: Unnatural
  • Link: Above average (unequipped); unnatural (Silver Gauntlets equipped); prodigious (Gold Gauntlets equipped)


  • Mario: Unsurpassed
  • Link: Average

Armed Combat:

  • Mario: Bob-ombs
  • Link: Master Sword; Giant's Knife; Biggoron's Sword; Hylian Shield; Mirror Shield; Fairy Bow; Longshot; Bombs; Bombchu

Magical Abilities:

  • Mario: Withstand intense heat (unaffected by convection in Lethal Lava Land); recover health by floating on water's surface
  • Link: Din's Fire (area-of-effect attack); Nayru's Love (damage reduction); Farore's Wind (teleportation)

Magical Equipment:

  • Mario: Wing Cap (flight); Metal Cap (damage reduction, underwater breathing/walking); Vanish Cap (phase through solid matter)
  • Link: Master Sword (bind evil) Ocarina of Time (limited time control, teleportation, summon Longshot target, summon horse, start storms, access Royal Family benefits); Goron Tunic (withstand intense heat); Zora Tunic (breathe underwater); Fairy Bow enchantments (Fire, Ice, Light) Hover Boots (walk on air—limited)

Alternate Transportation:

  • Mario: Warp Pipes; Wing Cap (flight); Metal Cap (walk underwater); cannons
  • Link: Longshot (grappling hook); Ocarina of Time/Farore's Wind (teleportation); horse; Iron Boots (walk underwater); Hover Boots (walk on air—limited)

Maximum Hit Point Capacity (One Life):

  • Mario: Eight
  • Link: Forty

Maximum Life Capacity:

  • Mario: Unlimited (with 1-Up Mushrooms, well-hidden)—if one is lost, must restart level
  • Link: Five (with four bottled fairies, easily purchased)—if one is lost, revival occurs on the spot, essentially boosting maximum Hit Point capacity to two hundred

Number of Levels:

  • Mario: Twenty-four
  • Link: Thirteen

Number of Level Bosses Fought (not counting final or repeat bosses):

  • Mario: Eight
  • Link: Eight

Final Boss:

  • Mario: Koopa King Bowser (fought three times)
  • Link: Gerudo King Ganondorf Dragmire (fought twice, not counting Phantom Ganon)