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    Default Make a game!

    If you could make a game what would it be like.
    Please add, title, charecters, story, etc.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Make a game!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dewott View Post
    If you could make a game what would it be like.
    Please add, title, charecters, story, etc.
    Thank you.
    I actually can make a game, but I don't feel like putting the work into it.
    But me and a friend came up with a huge amount of design for a hypothetical game.
    Name: Initial Reality II
    Genre: Comedy, RPG (turn-based)
    System: PC, downloadable to the XBox 360
    Description: Parody of Final Fantasy VII with aspects (especially cliches) of other RPGs mixed in (story-wise it's pretty much completely original, but certain characters and certain specific locations / events mimick Final Fantasy VII characters)
    You play as a young boy named Storm (a play on names such as "Cloud" and "Squall"). You start out asleep... you have a strange prophetic dream and then are awakened by your mother yelling at you that you're going to be late getting the equivalent of a driver's license (as it's your birthday and you've just become old enough to get one). So you immediately gel your hair (the player is obsessed with hair gel... sort of as a reference to how Cloud had spiky hair) and you run out of your house, still in your pajamas, all the way to the next town over where you will take your driving exam at the equivalent of the DMV. But when you get there the line is extremely long (if you've ever been there in real life you know what I mean, lol) so you stand waiting in line all day and the place closes before you have the chance to get the license. Disappointed, you walk back home, but as you enter your hometown (which happens to be named "Hometown") you see that all the houses are like, burning down and stuff. And then you see a strange man in a cloak doing some sort of magic so you approach him to find out just what is going on, and he immediately attack / overpowers you with his magic. You are knocked uncounscious, not to be awoken until a few hours later when your best friend, a boy named Tomo, who comes from a neighboring town who came to your town to find you and give you a birthday gift finds you laying there and wakes you up. He gives you the gift, which happens to be some huge sword that would have been convenient earlier before you fought the cloaked dude. So you too set off on a journey to the Kingdom of Britland to tell the king (King George III) the fate of your town and to warn him that his kingdom may be in danger.
    And that's just the introduction... we came up with pretty much everything that happens in the game but it's way too much stuff to list. I will get into the characters though.
    Player Characters:
    Storm - male, the hero. He's sort of the equivalent of Cloud. Warrior class
    Tomo - male, the hero's best friend.
    Red - female, the last survivor of an ancient race. Becomes the hero's love interst. Based on Little Red Riding Hood. She's sort of the equivalent of Aerith. Red Mage class
    Ronin - male, some Asian guy who didn't get into college and tried to rob you. Joins the party. Theif class... and a later side quest allows him to evolve into either the Pirate class or Ninja class
    Roger - male, the airship pilot. A Jamaican who once served in the military. Smokes cat (in the world of this game, a cat can be set on fire and the fumes inhaled, acting as a hallucinogenic drug). Sort of the equivalent of Cid with some aspects of Barret mixed in.
    Bruno - male, a strong man found at the carnival. Joins the party to look for his long-lost master. Possibly Black-belt class
    Disguised man - male, not much is known about this mysterious character
    Enemy Characters:
    Cloaked man - male, turns out to be the main villain named dannyjenn (named after myself, lol). He's the incarnation of an ancient cat demon, having 9 lives and being incredibly difficult to kill. Wants to rule the world or maybe destroy it. He has the ability to control people with his magic. Black Mage class
    George Washington - male, enemy of the Kingdom of Britland, apparently has a grudge against King George III for stealing the name "George". Loosely based on the Woodsman from Little Red Riding Hood. Uses his axe to destroy anything red, whether it's a cherry tree, Red Coats, or someone / something else. He tries to murder Red until the party rescues her and kills him.
    Sir Philip II - male, obsessed with chess, lives his life as if it were a chess game, literally "captures" King George III, declaring checkmate. He serves as a boss
    Guy - male, Storm's father, the hero from a previous story. He is completely under the control of dannyjenn until he is released from his control and killed. Turns out he survived and later joins the party as the disguised man. Warrior class
    Unnamed brother - male, looks incredibly girly (as a reference to how villains in Final Fantasy are often feminine). Storm's slightly older brother. Follow's his father's orders without question. Briefly joins the party until betraying them. He becomes a recurring enemy, often attacking the party at main points in the game. Thief class
    Clown - male, some evil / insane clown found at the carnival. He serves as a boss guarding one of the sacred artifacts which turns out to be his clown nose.

    And here's a funny quote from one scene where the party is resting in an inn...
    Storm: Wake up everone!!! Wake up!!!
    Tomo: What's the matter?!
    Storm: Oh, nothing really. I just wanted to say, this inn has free hair gel!!!
    *five second pause*
    Storm: Oh, yeah, and there's a giant meteor about to hit the planet...
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    Default Re: Make a game!

    For years I've imagined making a flash game based around the misadventures of my 7th grade germophobic history teacher. I called it "Mr. M VS. The Germs".

    It'd be a type of sidescrolling platformer where you have to get through a level while killing germs with your hand sanitizer gun. Oh, and the invisibility power-up would be a ruler that you swing wildly at your enemies (which was based on a demonstration he gave of ancient Romans running wildly stabbing everyone and taking their money). And there could be bonus levels where you try to get a paper ball into a trash can without using your hands.

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    Default Re: Make a game!

    Assassin's Creed: Pokemon

    Basically a crossover between Assassin's Creed and Pokemon.
    Assassins and Templars would battle to the death with Pokemon. This would bring out the violent side in the Pokemon franchise, often found in Pokemon's Poxedex entries. For example, Totodile would rip apart enemies. Of course, Assassins, Templars, and everyone else could fight themselves as well. Everyone would have a Pokemon, sou everyone can fight. If your Pokemon is defeated, you can heal it with revives. You can use potions, as well. Plus, teach your Pokemon new moves to use against enemies. You can use TMs, or level them up. Pokemon level up when they deal damage on opponents, one exp. for each regular hit, and 5 exp. for using moves, plus 10 exp. when their opponent is defeated.
    Pokemon can use regular attacks, which is just full on hitting the opponent at random. Then, of course, you can use moves. The damage dealt will depend on your attack and level, as well has the opponent's level. If your Pokemon is L.V. 100 against a L.V. 2 Pokemon, you will likely win.
    When battling, you can choose to play as the assassin or the Pokemon.
    Humans don't have levels, and will not have advantage against others with experience and stuff.
    You get Pokemon by killing their owner, then, weaken them in battle. When their heath bar turns red, they begin walking slowly. This means they have low health. When weakened, Pokemon walk to their owner. If you've killed the owner, the Pokemon will hobble away. Walk up to them and talk to them as an assassin. You then will talk them in to joining you. You can also kill them, or let them go. If you let them go, you might find them in the wilderness later on.

    For those familiar with Assassin's Creed,
    you can play as Altair, Ezio, or Connor.
    Each assassin has their own starting Pokemon, each being legendary and starting at L.V. 20;

    Altair has Mewtwo (Keeping the originals together XD)
    Ezio and Zekrom (Zekrom fits Ezio's bad*** attitude, plus Zekrom is very strong and masculine. Zekrom also has blades on it's arms whoch resembles Assassin's Creed hidden blades.)
    Connor and Entei ("Connor" translates to "Lover of hounds" and Connor resembles a wolf or dog, while Altair and Ezio resemble the eagle, and Eneti is likely the closest legendary Pokemon to a dog, so Connor would fit Entei)


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