So to view ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics (Unicode characters 13000 to 1342E) you need to have one of 2 fonts installed (either Aegyptus.ttf or Gardiner.ttf, as those are the only 2 fonts that include those characters).
I had both fonts installed and the characters could all be viewed...
Well then I added some of them into an html file using their entity numbers, and they worked fine. Then for testing purposes I uninstalled the fonts so that I could no longer see those characters, and as I expected I was unable to. I reinstalled and uninstalled the fonts a few more times... here's the problem:
I can now view the characters in my browser (Safari) without either font being installed. It's really weird.
I use a MacBook and I uninstalled the fonts by going into the Font Book application and right clicking them and Removing the families... neither of them are there. To be sure the fonts were uninstalled I opened Pages and attempted to select the fonts, and as expected they weren't on the list.
Even stranger was when I highlighted the hieroglyphics in the browser and copied them, then pasted them into Pages. They showed up in Pages, and the font listed was Aegyptus. Which shouldn't be happening considering the font isn't even installed.
And the fonts were still being displayed in my browser. I thought, maybe the font files were being stored in the temporary internet files or the cache so I Reset Safari. The problem did not go away.
Now I copy and paste into Pages again, this time the characters display in the browser but not in Pages.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?
Or how I could fix it? It's not a problem for me but I'm unable to test my html file as someone without the font file because it keeps detecting that I do have the file, even when I don't.
Basically, I want to know how I can get rid of fonts that don't even show up in Font Book... or if it is some glitch with the browser or something