Favorite Visual Novels or Visual Novel Series?

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Thread: Favorite Visual Novels or Visual Novel Series?

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    Default Favorite Visual Novels or Visual Novel Series?

    So, I know not a lot of people like or can even stand Visual Novels because they....can't read or have a short attention span? But I really like them, and I'm sure some of you on the forums like them too.

    Anyway, some of my personal favorites are:

    The Zero Escape series: Nine persons Nine Hours Nine Doors was, really, the one of the first visual novels, and perhaps even games, I really fell in love with. It had a brilliant setting, brilliant characters and a wonderfully crafted story. It was also the second game that every made me "emotional" towards the end. I loved the second one, Virtues Last Reward, too. It was another brilliant story with brilliant characters. I just hope the final installment for this series comes out, as it has been put on hold because of "lack of Interest." Please check it out

    Hotel Dusk: I love this game. I've only played and finished it recently, but it's great. The main character, Kyle Hyde, is one of my favorite protagonists ever. He's so "detective-y" its great. The story and Soundtrack is awesome too.

    Ace Attorney series: Now, a lot of people think that Ace Attorney is a visual novel so I'll put it on here. Like 999, Ace Attorney is another one of those Visual Novels that I have fallen in love with, in fact, Ace Attorney is my favorite video game series.Ever. Sorry Pokemon. I love Mystery novels and "Whodunits", So its only natural that I love these games. There are no words to describe how awesome these games are.There is no words to describe how awesome you feel playing these games. If I did try to describe the awesomeness of the series, it'd probably do it an injustice. So I'll just leave it at that.

    Anyway what are your favorites? Also, If anyone's played Time Hollow, can you tell me about it? I'm thinking of picking it up.

    (Sorry if a topic like this already exists, I did check)

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    Default Re: Favorite Visual Novels or Visual Novel Series?

    I have Time Hollow(finished it ages ago)and it's really only good for a single playthrough(unless you plan on deleting the same save)in order to play the same thing from scratch
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    Default Re: Favorite Visual Novels or Visual Novel Series?

    My favourite visual novel series is definitely Ace Attorney. There wasn't a single game in the series that was disappointment, and each game had a really good final case with plenty of tension and developments. The main characters were all pretty good, the stories in each game were all very interesting and engaging to see play out and it has some of my favourite villains ever. The gameplay is also very original and still unique to this day. My favourite title is either Dual Destinies or Investigations. I liked how all the five cases in Investigations were all connected to each other with how none of them were "filler" cases, and how each case was filled with drama, suspense and action. The music in it is also my favourite, all the soundtracks were amazing to listen to. Dual Destinies had a less good story, but I loved the characters in it as well as the character development which Investigations lacked. The twists were amazing and the whole updated feel and polish of the game hardly made me feel frustrated. All the games are also good at being humorous without relying much on any perverted jokes, the characters are so good it's as if they write the jokes themselves.

    My second favourite would be Zero Escape, which while it only has two games released with a third game having its development halted due to lack of interest in funding it, is amazing with its two games alone. The first game was amazing with its characters, story and gameplay but was sometimes a chore with having to do puzzles you've already done before to get the full story. I liked the idea of different routes leading to different endings and the twist in the end explained everything in a satisfying manner. I didn't like the big leap in fiction that much but it helped make a character have a lot of needed depth and the game a lot more interesting overall. While its humour was great, it was sometimes way too perverted and I can understand how that could turn off some people, although I don't agree that the game had a lot of gore. While it was scary at times and there were moments that wouldn't want to make you continue the game, it was more of a thriller than actual horror for me. All in all, the twists were all good and the true ending was very satisfying and nice. The sequel followed suit in quality but with better graphics and voice acting, removing the need to do the same puzzles again. It suffers from an evil cliffhanger which would remain bad if a sequel isn't announced, making it a bad final title for the series.

    My third favourite would be Professor Layton. While the games get progressively better with more interesting stories with better gameplay with each new game, it still suffered from having a cast with mostly uninteresting and boring characters who would mostly serve as exposition. The main two characters are really boring, and only get any real depth until the third game which still doesn't make them interesting enough. The gameplay is pretty unique with its puzzles and everything else is generally fun, but if the characters aren't good enough then I'm not too interested or engaged. The puzzles are sometimes too hard but the newer games have a better balance with new kinds of puzzles that are more fun to do.


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