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    Default The failing Youtube Channel

    Believe it or not, I run a small (Key word there, it's very small) little (Redundant) Youtube channel with a few friends to wittle away those long hours at weekend. Generally, we do...okay. We focus on, again redundant, Video games and tech (Where appropriate, it's hard NOT to break out in E3 discussions at times :/) and plan to do "Pokémon Battle Revolution" sometime in the year, as a break into the franchise.

    Now, I won't lie, PBR is slow at times. It can be fun, but it can also drag. I can't find a way to improve the quality of the videos of other games any further (Live commentary should NOT be sped up under any circumstances), and a hefty Capture device investment has...somewhat boosted popularity.

    Another thing to note is that, regardless of the views you have of gaming on YT, I don't make money. I refuse to. Even if I wanted to, I can't. Partners refuse. This puts me in a catch 22 situation. I can't get a boost because I'm not doing well naturally, but I'm not doing well naturally because I can't get the boost I need.

    My question to you, creative people of the Pokémon franchise, is two things:

    1) Subtle ways to "improve" and pull in a better audience, even if the audience is simply more consistent (It's disheartening seeing a downward curve for views and viewer retention XD)

    2) A way to make PBR interesting to watch!!!

    Both kind of go hand in hand. Any help/advice/shouting at is appreciated, regardless of the intent. I won't post the link to the channel as, well, I guess forum rules and it's a need to know basis link, and this isn't the right time to go shelling it out to Tom, Dick and Harry!

    All advice is greatly appreciated! ^_^

    Higher-ups, feel free to move to other forums, delete, do as one wishes in a position of power.


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    Default Re: The failing Youtube Channel

    @Plasmaspire; After reading it over this really seems more well suited to a blog, and maybe a better place to get input from others on how to draw in an audience. So I'm closing it.

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