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    I have an original DS that does not charge. It happened long ago. It is not that the charge light is just not working... it was plugged in for several hours and didn't charge at all. It's not the battery, I was able to charge the battery with a third party external charger (which I no longer have so I can't use it anymore). It's also not my charger cord because the external charger used the same cord and it worked then.
    The problem actually started back when it was the current DS (even before the DS Lite) so I could have sent it to Nintendo and had them fix it... except for the serial number was completely blank (as in, my sweaty hands or possibly cleaning the DS off actually wore away at the ink so much that it became completely unreadable). And without a serial code you can't have Nintendo fix your stuff.
    I really don't know anything about electronics but I did open up the DS to see if maybe something was loose... nothing was loose.
    This isn't very imprtant to me since I have the DSi and 3DS that I can use for DS games and a GBA for GBA games, but it would be nice if I had a working DS so that I could use the Pokémon Generation III to Generation IV transfer feature.
    Let me know if anyone has any idea of what the problem might be. Or if you know where I could buy an external charger (it came with the charger, a power cord, and an extra battery) let me know. I tried searching Amazon but I couldn't find it... I suppose maybe it's not made anymore or just not sold there.

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    ^Well try to find an answer from one of these

    DS not charging - Google Search


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