Connecting DS to University Wi-Fi ... Help?
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Thread: Connecting DS to University Wi-Fi ... Help?

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    Question Connecting DS to University Wi-Fi ... Help?

    Since I moved in at the end of August, I've been trying to connect my DS (Lite) to the wi-fi in the dorm. The school has two networks set up, one for computers and the other strictly for gaming devices. I've tried so many times, and still nothing. Even one of the tech support guys has worked with me all week, and neither of us can figure out the problem (granted, he said he has zero experiences with "these things" and I'm pretty much technologically impaired, ha).

    Anyway, this is what I'm getting: When I search for a network, the "gaming" network shows up in the results, sometimes multiple times, and always has a full signal symbol on the right. Selecting it saves the settings, and performs a test connection, but the during the test connection, the signal box is red and empty, and I always get an error (usually 50099 or 51099, "cannot find an access point.") I know others have hooked up their Wiis, so I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.

    Also, the gaming network is unlocked, as in the lock is the blue unlocked one.

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    If you have to go through a login page/splash screen, it will not work unless you buy the DS Web browser to log in.
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    Default Re: Connecting DS to University Wi-Fi ... Help?

    We have to register our devices online, but there is a specific page to register devices without internet browsers, plus "Nintendo DS" is listed as one of the compatible consoles. The Tech guy told me I have to connect to the wi-fi before I register it, too. I'm not sure if that would make a difference, or not.


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