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    Default Animal crossing a new leaf

    I was wondering if anyone has one of those recommendation codes that you get for registering Animal crossing on the nintendo club website, which gives the person with the code a free download of the game?

    if anyone does can you send it my way i would be more than happy to trade an xbox card that has a free download of gears of war plus 2 free days of xbox live gold.

    hope to hear from you
    if you do drop me a Pm

    if it sweetens the deal abit i also have a code for Rachet and Clank Gladiators for the Ps3 if you prefer drop me a line with any questions.
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    Default Re: Animal crossing a new leaf

    @Shadow-Lucario; We already have a Animal Crossing thread why not use that one or ask in a blog instead? In any case I'm closing this thread.

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