About Video Games and Technology and Rules (UPDATED DEC 3RD)
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Thread: About Video Games and Technology and Rules (UPDATED DEC 3RD)

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    Default About Video Games and Technology and Rules (UPDATED DEC 3RD)

    Welcome to Video Games and Technology!

    What exactly can we find here?

    Video Games

    Do you have a favourite game or series you love? Want to talk about new or upcoming releases or even games you’re interested in finding out more about before buying? Find or start up a discussion thread to get more opinions on it.


    Got a cool new gadget you want to talk about? Interested in an upcoming device? Be it computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles or anything else of the like, feel free to share it with us here.

    The Internet

    It's such a vast place to explore! If you Googled something unusual or fascinating or want to discuss internet trends like Gangnam Style, YouTubed videos or webshows that you particularly like, share it with us here.

    Another thing we allow is reviews of any of the items listed above. Play a new game and want to share a review? Start a thread. Buy a new device and want to share a review? Start a thread. The hope is that these start discussions on the reviewed item.

    What DOESN’T go here?

    Television news. Sports. Things that are televised, but are, essentially, real (not counting reality TV shows. We consider these to largely be fake). These are best left to Serious Business.

    Anything originating from Japan that might otherwise go here is probably better suited to Land of the Rising Sun.

    Self-made media like blogs, videos or songs? Visit Multimedia Creations.

    While posting in either Video Games and Technology or Music, Films and TV, please remember that as well as all general forum rules applying, an extension of these specific to these forums are to be respected and followed in the same manner. These rules are listed below by the topic they concern. If you have any questions about them, feel free to contact Kaori, Dolce or mag.


    Discussion of a show, film, game or artist's fandom is perfectly fine if relevant but going as far as to insult, tease or be unnecessarily aggressive about a fandom will result in a Flaming and Baiting warning or infraction depending on the severity of what has been said. Use some degree of consideration in how you speak about these things.

    Multiple posting

    Multiple consecutive posts are acceptable if your previous post was at least two days ago and you are posting again only to add updates to a fitting topic. "Updates" can mean posting new information that has since been released or simply an opinion on a new episode or addition you have just seen, particularly with view to series threads.

    Pokémon anime and/or games

    We realise that some of the topics within this section may apply to media forms or franchises that technically belong in their own other respective sections or subforums, including Pokémon (in anime or game form) or other unrelated anime. Brief contribution fitting a thread's topic is fine, but if it derails the thread to more in depth discussion it will be treated as a pointless post and you may be warned or infracted as such.
    An example of an acceptable place to mention Pokémon or other anime might be in the thread "What Did You Watch On Television Last?" - posting that you just watched Pokémon is fine, going into what you thought about the episode is not.

    It is important to note that moderator discretion is key with these rules and should be respected. Conditions are variable and we will enforce the spirit of the rules through in-thread warnings, informal PMs or full warnings and infractions depending on the type and severity of the infringement. If you disagree with how staff have managed the situation, do not argue in the thread or by VMs. Instead, feel free to raise your concerns in private with a moderator of the section via PM. If you are still unsatisfied with how the issue is dealt with, feel free to approach a senior staff member, again in private.
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