15 language dictionary stopped speaking and almost broke apart
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Thread: 15 language dictionary stopped speaking and almost broke apart

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    Default 15 language dictionary stopped speaking and almost broke apart

    It's a 15 language ECTACO dictionary and I was working on a document about an hour ago on Google Docs counting up all the words for English and German alone because I wanted to make a mathematic comparison once I reached the end. Then my dictionary slid onto the ground and dropped by accident. I was not touching it with sticky hands or greasy fingers because I wouldn't touch my keyboard if they were. I'd always wash my hands first so everything stays in the condition it was in before it was ever used, nor would I use my dictionary even to look up the German for sink. I'd look that word up later.

    I tried asking this question about my problem on Yahoo Answers, but one person said "gargle it with warm salt water" will help probably... and it was working fine before. I don't have my mom around as she is my only parent in the house and she is still asleep. Basically my dictionary looked like this and now it won't work right: so much for pronouncing all that Kanji and Hiragana you can't see on your dictionary or Hangul that was also on there: http://di1-1.shoppingshadow.com/images/pi/10/77/b5/37073271-540x539-0-0_Ectaco+ECTACO+Partner+XL+1500+Multilingual+Talking.jpg

    I'm also getting my Japanese vocabulary or grammar mixed up sometimes and it's no coincidence. Just as how I couldn't understand some Spanish or most of it when I went to Mexico for vacation. It's all because that device stopped working on me and I relied on that device because it's my full entire library for all 14 foreign languages, but there's only a few out of them I want to speak from.

    Not to mention, I was also practicing tones in Chinese and just now on this new Cartoon Network show, the Amazing World of Gunball, Gunball just now was speaking Chinese but because my dictionary won't work, I can't look up what he was saying just now or look at its Kanji from there and Google Translate was messing with me a while ago.
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