Are you a Hashi-nashi Zoku? (Read first post!)

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Thread: Are you a Hashi-nashi Zoku? (Read first post!)

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    Default Are you a Hashi-nashi Zoku? (Read first post!)

    As the title says.

    Hashi-nashi zoku is a Japanese term describing a person who cannot use chopsticks. It was primarily targeted at foreign tourists from the West who cannot use chopsticks. But as the western foods become as familiar on Asians' dining tables as they are in the West, more and more people are not going (or barely) to use the chopsticks for meals.

    Personally, I can use chopsticks, because of the Eastern culture. I can even use chopsticks on some Western foods (it's hilarious to do that). So, I'm not a Hashi-nashi Zoku.

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    Default Re: Are you a Hashi-nashi Zoku? (Read first post!)

    Not only can I use chopsticks, but also, I taught a few friends of mine how to use them, and the proper etiquette of what to do with them at the end of a meal, according to Japanese traditions. I'm quite proud of that.
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    Default Re: Are you a Hashi-nashi Zoku? (Read first post!)

    I cant use them very well and I try to use them when I go to an Asian resteraunt, but not very well, I need to practice using them more.


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