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Thread: Worst anime you've ever seen?

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    Default Re: Worst anime you've ever seen?

    ok now where to begin

    in no particular order,

    1. Initial D. i know it may seem a bit ironic since i am a fan of cars but this anime did have its downfalls. one thing i didnt like is that it became just too predictable which started to bore me. second the fanservice was just plain annoying. and third, as the show progressed up until its end, they all were still using the same cars back from 1995. it seemed either someone had a Subaru, an Evo, skyline, miata, or a rx7. i know its all japan based cars but i thought it would have been nice to see some other cars maybe like a Mercedes, maybe some Alfa Romeos, the evo VIII, and maybe a Mitsubishi Eclipse (ok thats a chrysler made car but ya know)

    2. Ex Driver. a show about a group of people who try to round up auto driving cars by driving a turbo and supercharged Miata, a SUbaru Brat and a few other tin cans on wheels. Ok who the heck puts a TURBO AND A SUPERCHARGER in a Miata? unless they want to see how fast they can break their rear differential or see how far the can destroy the engine into many pieces...

    3 Ruroni Kenshin... Ughh.... granted i watched the dub but the VA and the plot was so much "WAT" me and all of my friends in my high schools Anime club all agreed to watch something else after the first episode. it was that bad

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    The 4kids dub of One Piece. Seriously, I cringe when I hear that pirate rap...Also the Pokemon dub. 4kids ruined the anime then TPCi made the dub even worse. Then lastly I can't stand Bleach. It's a rip off of Yu Yu Hakusho with swords. That is about it. I usually like any anime I see because I pick and chose what catches my eye. I prefer dubs most of the time and I only have a few exceptions on that.

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    I'm usually pretty good about avoiding shows I don't think I'd like, but a few stinkers that stick out in my memory would be:

    Rurouni Kenshin the movie: I love the manga/most of the tv series, but the movie was so boring and forgettable that I couldn't even tell you what happened in it. Having the dvd that ADV put out for it look like an old VHS fansub definitely didn't help things.

    Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - The Motion Picture: Another tv series I really liked with a terribad movie. Half of it is a recap of the show, and the other half felt like watching a badly written fanfic a barely literate kid wrote. It also made the island episodes of the series seem great in comparison.

    MØUSE: Just watching the opening again makes me cringe...

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    Default Re: Worst anime you've ever seen?

    For some reason, I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to crap, so I can watch just about any show and get some form of enjoyment out of it. The following were just plain bad though.

    Da Capo seasons 1&2: This anime was based off of a series of eroge with the same name, so the animation of the first season was absolute crap. Didn't help that it was made in the early 2000s when just about every show looked awful because of the switch to digital. ANYway, the only characters worth remembering were Miharu and Kotori, though I did have a soft spot for Moe and her sister. Unfortunately the main characters, Nemu and Sakura, were completely annoying and it was just a terrible love triangle. The only reason I managed to make it through the first season was because of the trippy side-episodes, which were actually pretty entertaining.

    The second season had higher production values and much better animation, but for some reason completely changed the main character's look? Um okay, no continuity. It also introduced a new (but still annoying!) main character named Aisia, who basically goes around trying to get a harem end for Juiichi that he doesn't want. It was To Love-ru Darkness without any harem hijinks, instead opting for pointless drama. Despite the better animation, I could stand this season of the show even less than the first, and dropped it around the 20 episode mark. I usually don't mind shows like this either, but for some reason this one just didn't click with me.

    Digimon Adventure 02: Wow was this bad. The entire thing felt like a fan-fiction gone wrong. The movies for this season were even worse, and it almost ruins my memories of the amazing first season. So if you ever watch Digimon Adventure and are thinking of watching the second, DON'T. Save yourself the agony, even if it means missing an older Hikari and Takeru. The new characters are barely watchable, and the butchering of the old ones will make you want to cry. It's that bad.

    Dallos: This was the very first OVA ever made back in the '80s, and well, I'm glad they've evolved in quality since then. Not much to say about it since it was only 4 episodes, but it felt like they didn't work well with the time they had to tell the story. It didn't necessarily need more episodes, it just needed to organize things better. The plot was a mess because of it, and it really just felt like the whole thing was an excuse to animate fight scenes in space. Unfortunately despite some nice animation for the time period, it just didn't have anything memorable about it.

    Zero no Tsukaima seasons 2&3: Now don't get me wrong here, I liked the first season. Even the second season was tolerable, and it had a good ending to make up for it. But the third season... I couldn't make it past 3 episodes. I know I probably should have given it more of a chance, but by that point Siesta had become completely annoying to me, Henrietta wasn't much better, and Saito was grating on my nerves too. I don't blame Louise for reverting back to her tsun ways, that man really is a stupid dog.

    Vampire Knight: Shoujo and vampires, how original. Also vampire incest...? Anyway, I was in middle school and even I realized how awful this show was. I'm pretty sure I finished it though, which probably says something about me.

    There are plenty more, but I don't want to write 17 pages for this thing.

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    Default Re: Worst anime you've ever seen?

    The worst anime I've seen was probably Romeo x Juliet. It was just really tacky and cheesy and halfway through the episode I watched, I decided that that was enough and I called it quits.

    Hetalia comes a close second. The stereotypes are unfunny and the Japan character is a Mary Sue. Makes me glad there's no character for Lebanon, or otherwise it would be the worst (cause then it would be personal).

    Vampire Knight might be third. Despite normally preferring shonen, I actually like some shoujo (Rose of Versailles is a favourite of mine - and my older sister is a HUGE fan of it). But Vampire Knight isn't one of them.
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    Default Re: Worst anime you've ever seen?

    Digimon: Xros Wars
    Pokemon: Advanced Generation through XY (a few episodes are exceptions)
    Sword Art Online
    Naruto fillers (both original and Shippuden)

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    Default Re: Worst anime you've ever seen?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Chocolate View Post
    Back on topic, I was browsing through the net, and remembered how cheesy Uta no Prince-sama 2000% (the second season) was. 1000% (the first season) had done a good job equally distributing screentime to each character, balancing their appearances, and focusing on the main casts dreams on making wonderful music. 2000%... I did watch it all, but I wish I hadn't seen it after watching the last episode because it was cheesy beyond cheesy and ....

    Seriously, too cheesy.
    xD Even in the serious parts, I was laughing because it was just. too. much. I'm all for the otome stuff, but geeeeeeez.
    (but i won't lie, i still love natsuki)

    Some notable ones...

    Abunai Sisters - Not sure if this counts, being a CGI type animation from Japan, but wow. In its defense, it was obviously not meant to be some deep masterpiece, but... yeah. Fanservice abounds, and it's not even the 'good' type of fanservice, being fairly clunky CGI. I don't think there was much of a plot beyond "hot spy girls in tight outfits defeat (tentacle) monster of the week". That'll teach me to randomly click stuff on Crunchyroll.

    Ladies Versus Butlers - Was there much of a story somewhere in there? I didn't watch past the 5th episode or so. It's nice if all you're looking for is some fanservice stuff, but I remember one specific 'girl accidentally ends up sitting on boy's face and moaning ensues' moment where I was pretty much done. A bit too awkward for me.
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    Default Re: Worst anime you've ever seen?

    1. Fight Ippatsu Juuden chan.... I feel dirty for even having seen this show -_- I never finished it.. I can still see that little girl standing on "tits island" D:
    2. Aoi no exorcist: I don't like demons/underworld theme
    3. Panty And Stocking w/ garterbelt: It's like the most horrible parts of aoi no exorcist and juuden chan combined -_-
    4. Inazuma Eleven: The characters look incredibly weird (though this is actually more interesting) and it has like no plot or any other sort of appeal (real reason I didn't like it)
    5. Gurenn laggen: Sooo boring, sorry :/
    6. Gantz: Like way over the top with it's violence, and boring in general. -_____-
    7. Higurashi no naku koro ni Kira: Literally the worst anime.
    8. *insert random anime driven by fanservice alone here*

    Mushi-Uta is the worst anime. -____-"
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