Tiger & Bunny English Cast Announcements (Last Updated: 02/07/12)
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Thread: Tiger & Bunny English Cast Announcements (Last Updated: 02/07/12)

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    Default Tiger & Bunny English Cast Announcements (Last Updated: 02/07/12)

    For those of you who are unaware, Viz Media's official Facebook page for the Tiger & Bunny anime started announcing members of the cast for the show's English dub last week (they usually announce them in batches of 2 or 3). Here is a currently confirmed list:

    Currently Confirmed:
    Wild Tiger (Kotetsu T. Kaburagi) = Wally Wingert (Bleach's Renji Abarai)
    Barnaby Brooks Jr. = Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto's Sasuke Uchiha, Code Geass; Suzaku Kururugi)
    Sky High (Keith Goodman) = Patrick Seitz (Bleach's Isshin Kurosaki, Fairy Tail's Laxus)
    Rock Bison (Antonio Lopez) = Travis Willingham (Fullmetal Alchemist's Roy Mustang)
    Dragon Kid (Pao-Lin Huang) = Laura Bailey (Soul Eater's Maka, K-ON!'s Nodoka, Fullmetal Alchemist's Lust).
    Blue Rose (Karina Lyle) = Kari Wahlgren (Durarara's Celty, Lucky Star's Kagami).
    Fire Emblem (Nathan Seymour) = John Eric Bentley (Can't dig up any any roles. Mainly is an extra for TV shows and games)
    Origami Cyclone (Ivan Karelin) = Michael Sinterniklaas (Shaman King's Horo Horo "Trey", 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's Leonardo)

    Kriem = Stephanie Sheh (Bleach's Orihime, K-ON's Yui, Lucky Star's Akira)
    Jake Martinez = Steven Jay Blum (Cowboy Bebop's Spike, Marvel Anime's Wolverine).
    Lunatic (Yuri Petrov) = Liam O'Brien (Naruto's Gaara, Bleach's Ukitake)

    Albert Maverick = Jamieson K. Price (Bleach's Chad, Code Geass' Diethard Ried)
    Agnes Joubert = Tara Platt (Naruto's Temari)
    Cain Morris = Keith Silverstein (Bleach's Stark, Sonic's Vector the Crocodile)
    Mary Rose = Laura Bailey
    Mr. Lloyds = Daran Norris (Morgan and Cowboy Andy in Cowboy Bebop, Cosmo and Mr. Turner in Fairly Odd Parents)
    Doc Saito = Dave Wittenberg (Kakashi in Naruto, Saito in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
    Ben Jackson = Beau Billingslea (Jet in Cowboy Bebop, Fourth Raikage in Naruto Shippuden and Outlaw Star's narrator).

    Kaede Kaburagi - Eden Riegel (Rurichiyō in Bleach)

    A DVD/BD release has been confirmed by Viz Media (US) and KazéUK (Europe) for early 2013.
    The first of two movies Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning will be shown in London and Scotland in September.

    Also, here's a brief dub clip from Anime Expo 2012:
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