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    Default Tegami Bachi

    I love this manga and I'm wondering if anyone else is wondering if anyone else enjoys this manga.

    Tegami Bachi is about is about people who deliver letters in the land of Amberground, where mechanical bugs called Gaichhu try to kill everyone by stealing their hearts. The people who deliver the letters, called Letter Bees, have to deliver the letters and also kill the Gaichhu by shooting them with Heart bullets which fires out a piece of their heart.

    In America, this just came out in Shonen Jump, and in Japan I think there is 25 chapters. I also heard that in Japan that there is also an anime in the works, does anyone know if this was made yet?

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    Default Re: Tegami Bachi

    Jump Fiesta made a short for Tegami Bachi last fall, I haven't heard any rumors directly, but usually they'd do something like that if they plan on having a full blown series in the fall or something.

    So far I think it's ok, it reminds me a bit of D. Grayman for some reason... not that the stories are similar, it just reminds me of it.


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