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    I figure this place could use a bit of activity, so how about a thread for the currently airing season in Japan? Not much has aired yet. Expectations for the upcoming months anyone? As a guide for the new anime airing, the latest quarterly chart. Remember, the chart is only a guide -- sometimes the series are better than the short synopsis makes them out to be.

    I'll also be linking to FUNimation's Youtube channel -- and others that pop up, like Crunchyroll and Hulu -- a fair bit in the coming weeks, considering how much stuff they announced at Anime Expo. FUNi, anime overlords, etc etc.

    Also be mindful of spoilers and use tags wherever possible.
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    What am I watching? Not a whole lot. Suffering some burn out from trying to follow too much from the previous three seasons.. but I'll probably wind up watching half the season at some point.

    Standard noitaminA auto-watch. Original story by Ono Fuyumi, which is a big stamp of approval from me.

    >>Black Lagoon OAVs
    I think I'm too attached to the English dub to even bother with the Japanese. It's going to be a long wait.

    >>Cat Shit One
    Japan doing good 3D animation? From the trailer, it looks like a rather unsantized war action flick. Just with animals based on racial stereotypes. Awesome.

    >>Highschool of the Dead
    Madhouse + boobs + zombies + UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ = Watching. Have it on fairly good recommendation as well. The trailer is pretty quality fluff. Hopefully Madhouse can keep it up for 13 episodes or so. This could really do well for them over here, if played right.

    >>Amagami SS
    This will probably be one of the few visual novel adaptations that don't fall victim to the problem of doing multiple arcs: By not merging them at all. Also, dat cast list.

    I'll admit it: I'm flatout tsundere for JC Staff. I'm not expecting much here, just a carry over until they decide to do more Aoi Hana or Hourou Musuko. Also, dat cast list: part 2.

    >>Strike Witches II
    >>Sengoku Basara Ni
    Two words: Guilty pleasures. Both of them. Enjoyed the first seasons enough to come around for a second helping.

    ...oh look, I am watching half the season.


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