Credit to Nebs66 on NebsTV for writing article.

Recently, the Naruto manga broke 100 million sales in Japan. In order to celebrate & to thank its readers, Shonen Jump has launched a special "Create Naruto's Forest Campaign!" Parent company Shueisha has teamed up with PresentTree to plant 7610 trees to build a new forest in the mountains of the Yamanashi prefecture. Manga-ka Masashi Kishimoto even provided a sketch of what he envisions the forest to look like one day.

The campaign is also part contest. Readers can enter a drawing to be an official sponsor of one of the 7610 trees being planted. If chosen, they'll receive a "certificate of planting" for their very own tree in Naruto's Forest, which is scheduled to be finished planting by May 2011. If you ever decide to visit the forest, you'll be able to find your specific tree thanks to signage that will be put up & the tree number on the certificate you receive. They promise to "conduct weeding, administration and care of the trees to enable them to grow independently for at least 10 years." A trial planting was already conducted in the area about the size of the Tokyo Dome, lead by two Naruto editors & joined by local children.

Best of all, it's open to international fans as well! Weekly Shonen Jump Japan included an English version of the campaign/contest on their official English site, allowing even those of us across the Pacific to enter & be a part of building Naruto's Forest. For more information & to enter yourself, check out the English version of the page here:
You can find the official article to the contest here.