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    Default Satoshi Kon

    Satoshi Kon has renewed my hopes that the anime industry hasn't completely turned to useless garbage like Lucky Star. I started watching Paranoia Agent the other night. Has anyone else seen this? amazing @_@ I also watched a trailer for his movie Paprika, which my boyfriend has so we're gonna watch it. Yay for anime that doesn't suck! :D
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    I saw Paranoia Agent a couple years ago when it was on Cartoon Network. It blew my mind. XD The ending was unexpected, though episode 10, Mellow Maromi was the strangest in my opinion.

    In addition to Paprika, I would highly recommend Tokyo Godfathers if you haven't watched it yet. =D

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    Default Re: Satoshi Kon

    I have not seen Paranoia Agent, although one of these years I'm sure I will. On the other hand, I will echo Nicoleta's suggestion of Tokyo Godfathers. Probably my favorite of his films.
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    Default Re: Satoshi Kon

    Paprika's great, probably my favorite of his movies that I've seen.

    Gotta catch up on Paranoia Agent, got about four episodes in and then didn't end up finishing it.

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    Default Re: Satoshi Kon

    Perfect Blue... all that needs to be said that (for some reason) hasn't been said already. ^^

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    Anything by Satoshi Kon is amazing by default. He is really one of the living gems of the anime world. It's a shame that I see people fapping over how "amazing" crap like Elfen Lied is when they could be, y'know, actually using their brain cells on something like Paranoia Agent or Paprika.


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