As great as my distaste for Western culture may be, even a fool can have it right now and then. I don't know about you, but I see a rather Nietzschean influence on the likes of anime. Check it out:

The Xenosaga series of games are named after books by Nietzshe.

That Ps2 game Odin Sphere features a character called King Odin; who's a bad-ass in battle and a genius sorcerer. This sounds like the Ubermensch to me. Also, this game is heavily inspired by the Ring cycle of Richard Wagner, one of Friedrich's contemporaries.

Personally, I consider the epic sand-bagging Brock and Ash give Misty at the very end of the Johto saga a Thus Spoke Zarathustra moment.

It is my understanding said book is the basis for the series Soul Eater.

The Irrationalist Nietzsche would like sayings like, "People go crazy when they fall in love." This coincides with what this writer reads in romantic vampire/youkai manga.

Anyway, if you do not find Nietzschean philosophy too disturbing for your tastes, your two cents appreciated.