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    Default London MCM Expo License News

    So this weekend was London's MCM Expo, which is known in the anime fandom as that place companies go to announce new swag. Anyways, today is the day when all the panels are happening, so here's the currently announced licenses:
    (All titles are DVD only unless otherwise stated)

    MVM Entertainment:
    Rosario + Vampire - both seasons. Season 1 out in September, Season 2 in October.
    Bodacious Space Pirates - for release next year.
    Dream Eater Merry and Rozen Maiden Overture - both coming next year.
    Shakugan no Shana II for release next year - MVM trying to license season 3 and the OVAs.

    Previously announced Mayo Chiki will be released in November.
    Previously announced Broken Blade blu-rays are being co-authored by MVM and Madman; will feature both Australian and English certification logos and company logos on the disc. Sharing print run and costs.

    Live Action: My Ex 1&2 and Incite Mill (will be renamed Death Game; from the director of The Ring).

    Black Lagoon on Blu-ray - 2nd July. First 2 seasons - 1 complete DVD and 2 separate blu-ray season sets.
    Gintama movie out in December. DVD only.
    Strike Witches 2 on 23rd July.
    Spice & Wolf Season 2 is out on 6th August

    Bleach season 9 will feature a new design, more in-line with Kazé's releases.
    Panty & Stocking is slated for 30th July, but Manga haven't even received the Masters yet!
    Previously announced Puella Magi Madoka Magica will be released as a complete 3-disc set in October. Blu-ray release "likely".
    Princess Jellyfish is due out on 3rd September, with the collectors edition including a plush jellyfish.
    Sengoku Basara 2 - 17th September
    Squid Girl season 1 will be released on 13th August
    Previously announced The World God Only Knows will be released on 8th October. Season 2 license confirmed as well.
    No release date for second Mardock Scramble film yet - waiting for English dub.

    Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Beginning will have theatrical showings in London and Scotland later this year (22nd September confirmed for at least one of them).
    Berserk Golden Age Arc 1: The Egg of the King will be at Scotland Loves Anime as well. Planned DVD/BD release with possible collectors edition. Speculative date is 31st December, but still waiting on dub. Trying to get director to appear at première.

    Q&A: Hard to license Black Rock Shooter because it was designed to sell figures, which won't work in the UK.

    Beez Entertainment:
    Gundam licenses are staying with Bandai, but everything else is going back to the original licensors. Looking at spreading other licenses to other distributors.
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