This is the "Land of the Rising Sun," and this is what we do:
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Thread: This is the "Land of the Rising Sun," and this is what we do:

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    Default This is the "Land of the Rising Sun," and this is what we do:

    For those who are familiar with this section of the Bulbagarden Forums, you know what we do, but for those new to the Bulbaforums may just be wondering "what exactly is this Land of the Rising Sun thingy?" Well, I shall explain who we are, and what we do.

    This is a section of the forums dedicated to all things Japanese that do not fall into other forum categories (i.e. video games still go in the geeks corner section, anything Pokemon still goes in the Pokesections).

    If you wish to discuss the latest Utada Hikaru cd, talk about the latest anime that you are enjoying, or discuss the amazing Gundam model that you just built, it's fair game here! Manga, music, animation, food, culture, clothing, the language itself, and anything else you are interested in can be discussed (as long as it follows the forum rules)! If there is a question you may have about Japan, this would be the forum to ask it (and the forum where you would be most likely to get a straight answer).

    Oh, before I go, I thought that I would mention that you might even stumble across a thread or two that is in Japanese here, so if you're currently learning the language, this is the forum for you as well!

    So, come in, have a seat, make some tea, and enjoy all the fun friends you will make here in "The Land of the Rising Sun!"
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