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    Default Kokoro Connect - Discussion thread

    I heard a lot of buzz about this new anime lately, so I decided to give it a shot. Kokoro Connect premiered on July 8, and it is based on Sadanatsu Anda's Japanese light novel series. So far, I have only seen its premiere episode and I found it very interesting.

    So, have you guys tried it yet? What do you think about this new anime? Do you only follow the anime, or its manga as well.

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    Default Re: Kokoro Connect - Discussion thread

    Personally, I love the series (I even started a Bulbagarden social group for it =3).

    At first, I thought it was simply trying to be like every other slice of life series, just with a fun gimmick that would probably be used as a source of quick gags or something. Episodes 1-2 were pretty mild and fit that bill, but episode 3 had the rather jaw-dropping reveal that
    which knocked me for six to be honest. I went into episode 4 not sure what to expect, but I came out really glad I watched it...then episode 5...

    I was sat on my bed watching it on my iPad, frantically chewing my nails due to nerves, constantly saying "No...f***...no" under my breath as each moment passed. The part that stood out most to me was when Taichi
    . Also, the scene where
    ...oh Arceus...that was too powerful for words. The fact that Heartseed

    This show is without a doubt, the Madoka Magica of Slice of Life and is currently my anime of 2012 (although I have been told to watch Kids On The Slope. Still, anime of the season). I find myself relating a lot to Taichi because we are very similar in personality and I love both Inaba and Iori as characters.

    I'm currently only following the anime version (although I have sent hints to Yen Press to license the manga and light novels xD). The anime is slated for a 12 episode run (which as of tomorrow, will be half way done) and the anime is apparently adapting the first 4 light novels (of which there are 8 currently published), so hopefully if the DVD/BDs sell well, we could get a second season.


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