Japanese and Spanish together? Thread 2
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Thread: Japanese and Spanish together? Thread 2

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    Default Japanese and Spanish together? Thread 2

    Have you ever gotten false cognates wrong in Japanese due to probably speaking Spanish? Since the last thread died long time ago, this deserves a remake. The old thread can be found here: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f416/japanese-spanish-together-72248-post1908279/#post1908279 where you can see some of the criticism on helping people with Japanese.

    Aka words like kasa which means umbrella and casa which is house which are different in 2 languages. Have you ever gotten them confused? I thought piero sounded Spanish until I went onto Yahoo Answers because it sounds close to perro and pero, dog and but when it means clown or funny man. From singing Velonica when the lyric goes "boku ga sagasu aida kitto kimi wa daichi ni mimi o sumashi sagashita sagahita n darou na piero no you na kamen o haide taiyou ni wasurerareta oka ni tachi..."

    That's when they say it in the song and the context it's being used in.

    Also I heard they also use German and Dutch terms in Bleach as well as well as English, Spanish, and mostly Japanese. Wait until you get to season 4 the Bount when they start using German and Dutch.

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    Default Re: Japanese and Spanish together? Thread 2

    To be honest, I don't see how "piero" sounds close to "perro" or "pero" at all. I took Spanish too.

    So far, I haven't mixed up any cognates, but I have thought of Spanish words when trying to think of a Japanese one.

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    Default Re: Japanese and Spanish together? Thread 2

    Yeah I don't really see either because piero is pronounced pee-ar-ro, I'll come back with edits later when I'm not too lazy to open up Microsoft Word, perro is with the rolled r's and pero is pronounced pay-ro. There are Japanese words that say peropero which means a licking.

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    Default Re: Japanese and Spanish together? Thread 2

    Well,japanese has a lot of lent words like pan and kappa,those come from portuguese(and mean bread and raincoat respectively),so it's not that special


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