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I've seen Adventure and Adventure 02, and I prefer the former (though Adventure 02 does get some points for having more compelling villains).

But I've heard great things about Tamers, and can't wait to get to watching it.
I heard that Tamers (unlike the previous two series) had a decent dub. Not sure about it, though. Ironically, a bit into Adventure 02, turned me off from dubbed shows. The damage had been done in my view, even if the last few eps of Adventure 02 was done okay since Nimoy wasn't a writer for those set of episodes, I was told. Adventure is the only series I've seen the full dub of.

Ironically, you know how we don't really talk about the voice changes for the dubbed Pokemon eps? Well, on some Digimon boards, Nimoy is a taboo to talk about as it always goes into bashing of him by some of the fans, usually.