(note: this is not a place to ask where to find fan subs, just so if anyone wonders)

Fansubs are good in helping people find Anime with no official release or JPN version available in the states but they can be bad when they leave certain JPN phrases and idioms because... they're cool.

Why not just leave it as "Back to normal, back to disaster?"

For something like this, do you do the above? Do you directly translate the term as "Before breakfast"? Or do you use a similarly fitting American term and go for "Now that was easy as pie!"? I'd personally go for the more liberal translation as it makes the most sense for an English Sub release that you'd see on a DVD for a general audience. The direct translation just sounds wrong, and the translator's note method only is worth it for those who care to learn such things (which doesn't effect the general audience), and not only that, it makes slower readers have to pause to read the whole thing, when a simple and to the point translation works best in such a situation. Besides, for all the meaning of the term, it's not a necessary or recurring thing, so using a well known English idiom in place of a Japanese one that has the same basic intent works great (this isn't always possible, but for this example, it works).

Your thoughts?