Digimon - They're all connected canon? Discussion!

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Thread: Digimon - They're all connected canon? Discussion!

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    Default Digimon - They're all connected canon? Discussion!

    I'm not talking about the teensy scene where Taichi and the other goggle boys make a cameo appearance in Digimon Xros Wars. I'm talking big scale. As noted in the Pokemon or Digimon thread, Digimon has separate series with different characters, and based in different universes. In some ways, they are not connected, save for Adventures 01 and 02, the latter being a direct sequel of the former.

    But - a lot of debate had been going around: COULD THEY BE CONNECTED IN SOME WAY?

    Here's a popular theory, and one that I support as well: All in the time of order!!

    I didn't include Xros Wars because I hadn't seen much of it to confirm, but if you'd like to add more suggestions or have other opinions, please join :)

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    Default Re: Digimon - They're all connected canon? Discussion!

    I wrote an essay about this before Hunters came out...

    I need to update it now that Hunters is finished, but..
    it's here if you're interested


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