Detective Conan (A.K.A. Case Closed)
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    Default Detective Conan (A.K.A. Case Closed)

    Who actually knows this series? I really thought that it looked stupid when they first began to advertise it on adult swim but i gave it a chance and loved it!

    I think that the manga is better than the anime though. Apparently its really popular in japan ever here about the "Conan Bridge" if not look it up its a real thing and really interesting

    Ran and Shinichi forever!!!

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    Default Re: Detective Conan (A.K.A. Case Closed)

    Yeah, it's very popular, actually it's like one of the few huge Anime programs that dominate the top ten spots. It's been going on forever, I like it enough, but I have friends that are die hard fans of it. I basically see it as CSI for kids, but apparently people get upset when I say it's for kids (not real upset, but really just because something is for kids doesn't mean adults shouldn't like it or that it is devalued as a program. I've said this, calling them programs for kids, about other shows as well with similar results like Inuyasha, Kamen Rider, and Naruto Shippuden)

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    Default Re: Detective Conan (A.K.A. Case Closed)

    This wonderful story of a teenaged detective who is turned into a child through an experimental drug given to him by a crime syndicate is amazing. I recently started watching it from the beginning because I wanted to know what this series was about before I watched the Lupin vs Conan TV special (I am a rabid Lupin fan), and I am totally hooked.

    It doesn't help that I am a major fan of detective novels, shows, etc.

    @bell02+ While it could possibly be a show for kids, I really feel that a series where most of the cases are about murders (and the dead bodies are usually shown) isn't exactly for young children. Teens possibly, but not kids, but that's from a perspective of someone who was raised on American children television as opposed to Japanese children television.

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    Default Re: Detective Conan (A.K.A. Case Closed)

    Love. Detective. Conan. Omg.

    I'm amazed it's so unpopular in America! I think it's the art style, honestly. My roommate won't even look at it 'cause she hates how it's drawn. But I don't know, not everyone looks the same... they all have character... and what's better than several mysteries in every volume? (; I've read 'em all up to where the manga is now, though I'll admit I haven't watched much of the anime (like, two episodes?).

    Still, it's amazing.

    Also, I gotta agree, it's not really kid-oriented. I know Conan is a kid, and obviously he's there to capture that audience a lot-- but the murders, the blood, the open-eyed victim stares and dark themes? Definitely not really child material. Aoyama doesn't flower it over.

    Though you have to consider, too, that what is child-appropriate here is a little more strict than what's child-appropriate in Japan.

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    Default Re: Detective Conan (A.K.A. Case Closed)

    Im glad that there are a few fans out there! I love how this series is just so easy to read along with. i have read a bit further than what is available in america at the moment.

    I really like how similar heiji and kazuha and Shinichi and Ran are and how much these couples can rely on one another (even though shinichi isnt always around as well shinichi)

    Anybody sense a double wedding in the future?

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    Default Re: Detective Conan (A.K.A. Case Closed)

    yeah.. this detective conan made me stick to his
    shows in animax.. but the season in animax is incomplete..
    and there are i think 340+ episodes more or less.. and they even
    have movies, i think?


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