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    Default Detective Conan (Case Closed) Discussion Thread!

    Hiya - any mystery manga/anime lovers out there? Detective Conan's getting interesting these days!

    With new detectives joining the main crew, there's just got to be speculation - and deduction! Anyone is free to join!! If you haven't read the latest chapters or forgot previous arcs, feel free to ask me, or check out the manga XDD

    Firstly, I would like to discuss this: from a recent case

    After a long arc of Conan & FBI VS Black Organization ("The Clash of Red and Black"), FBI Akai Shuichi ended up "dead". Sometime after the arc, Kir (B.O. spy) informs the FBI members of a newly released member named Bourbon. We still don't know who Bourbon is, and new characters have been introduced into the show. As noted from the picture above, B.O.'s high ranking member Vermouth is making a call to Bourbon, and judging by the manga panels, it's possible to narrow down to those three people who are listening to electronic devices.

    Of course, there's always a possibility that none of them are Bourbon and are simply using bugging devices to listen to something, perhaps Vermouth's phone call to "Bourbon" somewhere else. But let's shove that aside from now and focus on the picture alone

    1. Okiya Subaru (the guy with glasses)
    The first to be introduced into the show after "The Clash of Red and Black". He's supposedly a college student (or a graduate student), and moved into Kudo Shinichi's house after his apartment burned down due to a case. Being on par with Conan in terms of brains, he's got this aura that frightens Haibara - which is because she fears B.O. members.

    2. Sera Masumi (The boyish girl)
    She's been introduced in the anime recently. A female high school detective who transferred to the same class as Ran. She knew a lot about Conan even before she first met him, and she's suspecting Conan's ties to Shinichi, although she doesn't pry too deep. She's overly interested in the little detective and Haibara, and already knew pretty much everything that's going around him. She's made an error in a deduction, but she probably made that mistake on purpose to test Conan.

    Of course, B.O's codenames have gender-based rules. The women are named after cocktails and wines, while men have heavy liquor names - and Bourbon is certainly a heavy liquor. Still, Sera had been mistaken as a boy numerous times, with only one person to guess she's a girl. Her tomboyish image could be for this reason.

    3. Amuro Tooru (The guy with tanned skin and light hair)
    Only appeared in the manga recently. After a certain case involving both him and Kogoro, he asks to become Kogoro's assistant and pupil. In addition, he says he's going to pay tuition of an incredible amount - such that would make Kogoro accept him right away without thinking twice. Amuro is currently working as a waitor part-time and it's hard to imagine he'd have a lot of money with what he earns. He's also got good brains - though Conan is a level above him slightly.

    So out of these three, who do you think is Bourbon? Or do you have any other guesses?
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