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Tiger & Bunny Rubber Straps

Boxes Ordered: 0

Availibility: Already Released

Price: $3.00 + Shipping to me + Shipping to you. I am shipping out of the US, and I can ship worldwide (but it will be cost more!). I will invoice you once the box has arrived. I will only accept Paypal! It is easy to make an account there, and it is very useful to have around!

If a spot is already filled, please still apply because people can drop out!

Characters from left to right, first then second row:

Kotetsu Kaburagi:
Barnaby Brooks:
Karina Lyle:
Pao-Lin Huang:
Keith Goodman:
Ivan Karelin:
Doc Saito:
Yuri Petrov:


Normal Text: Tentative (Which means you are unsure if you are getting the item, but get first dibs if you decide if you are. If a slot has a tentative key, please still apply for it!)

Italicized: Reserved (Which means you are getting it for SURE) + Unpaid
Bold: Reserved + Paid
Underline: Received

If you are wondering how a Box Split works, it basically goes like this: You see a keychain you'd like to buy, and you Reserve it. Once most of the slots are filled, I will order the box. Once the box of all the keychains arrives, I will send out invoices telling how much you owe. Once the majority of people have paid, I will send out the keychains! It is a very easy process :3

If you have any questions, please reply below. I hope Bulba's first Box-Split goes well!