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Thread: Best/Worst Cliches/Tropes in Anime

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    This is it. Korra's curtain call.
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    I do like tsunderes when done right otherwise they can outright annoy me to no end. I always like that bad/unfair/devil's deal trope since its quite amusing.

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    As a person who views all tropes through somewhat neutral lens, and believing any of them could be good if done right, I do admit that particular ones can get tiring if they're done over and over again in the same fashion.

    One trope I'm tired with in anime/manga - which is repeatedly done in visual novels as well - is portraying the "best friend" character as some loser butt-monkey misfit who gets punk'd around by the entire cast, while the main character is treated as some studly nice guy who gets all the girls. OK, I understand that being a stupid jerkass isn't going to get you any points from the ladies, but why portray the best friend in this role? What happened to best friends being role models who you can rely on, respect, and admire? "Best friends" should be written respectfully by the writers and treated respectfully by the characters. The term "best friend" should imply the "best nakama", so why write them in such a disgracing way? Comedy relief is fine, but bullying him and essentially writing him out to be some perverted perpetual virgin loser... ugh, it's really hard to watch.
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