Just saw a video from IGN News (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=027QNX2LTe8&list=UUedmzK8pHrU57erP9_oYNJg) that between August 21-September 1 FXX as part of their premiere for the Simpsons syndication will be airing all the past Simpsons episodes along with the Simpsons movie 24 hours a day. Any one interested in getting involved should check their schedule and decide which episodes they want to watch/record.

Personally I am glad about this new change since in recent years Fox's syndication of the Simpsons had been in decline where they were mostly just focusing on the newer episodes from recent seasons and not enough of the good classics.

If anyone needs help looking to see if they have FXX in their area use this site (Get FXX).