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    Default Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

    Here, you can discuss your childhood memories about Thomas the Tank Engine including your favorite episode(s), character(s), and which era you prefer: Hit Entertainment era or the Pre-Hit Entertainment era.

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    Used to love this show when I was younger. I was annoyed when I heard they went to 3-D models, then I saw the commercial for the movie. So sad was that day. I think I still have the old Movie with the conductor somewhere in the basement

    I'm guessing without looking it up and say that's Percy.
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    Default Re: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

    Pre-HIT era episodes were my absolute childhood.

    That VHS copy of Percy's Ghostly Trick I had since I was born has gotten through quite a being, along with all the metal and wooden trains I collected until I was 8, when I grew out of Thomas.
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