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    Greg Weisman, who many might know as the creator of Gargoyles, has worked a few shows in his life (he was the producer for DC comics show and a Marvel comics show, and was a part of the creation of the Second season of W.I.T.C.H.), and what those of us who have watched those shows have come to recognize, is that there was a certain pattern to them.

    In all of the Greg Weisman shows i've seen, there was always: a relationship/friendship ending somehow, episodes taking place on Holidays, Overarching Story arcs that span over a course of episodes and, usually, endings that are left up to interpretation.

    As an aspiring writer myself, i've started to write a fan-fiction sequel series to a show i liked, and i've decided to try and do the things that Weisman did; have an overarching story arc with twists and turns that ultimately add up and culminate into something big, have an antagonist that always has an ace up sleeve and a contingency plan, and even have the occasional relationship issues. Problem is, i flew too close to the sun on this one and now i can't stop thinking about one Greg Weisman show in particular; Spectacular Spider-Man. Now don't get me wrong, i don't hate Marvel Comics, in fact, half the time, i find their stories pretty exciting and compelling. But Marvel's habit of having the heroes hardly getting any breaks (Spider-man, the Hulk and the X-Men) can be a bit of a turn off for me. Maybe it's because i mainly grew up watching DC comics shows (where the heroes were usually praised for what they did) and am a DC fan through and through, i don't know, but recently, my mind has repeatedly replayed the parts of Spectacular Spider-man that i did not care for, and considering that they are now (for some reason) attaching themselves to my thoughts regarding Halloween, that is becoming a problem. I've tried to counter this by watching the DC comics show that Weisman worked on: Young Justice, in hopes of getting a few scenes from that show stuck in my head, but it didn't work (not for long at any rate). I'm just not sure why my mind chose Spectacular Spider-man as the show for my thoughts to obsess with and it's really starting weigh on me.

    Any comments regarding the thread's main topic or my problem?

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    Default Re: Shows that Greg Weisman was involved in

    Quote Originally Posted by Srebak View Post
    Any comments regarding the thread's main topic or my problem?
    While the topic is appropriate I honestly find the content confusing, is this meant to be about shows he's worked on, or your dilemma as a writer? Mind clarifying that for me?

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    The main idea is to discuss the works and story patterns of Greg Weisman's animated career, but if you or anyone else wants to give me advice on my dilemma, i'd be cool with that, in fact, i'd appreciate it

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    Default Re: Shows that Greg Weisman was involved in

    Well, Greg Wiesman is known for many traits, such as unexpected plot twists, Star Trek actors in guest roles, references to Shakespeare plays, heroes becoming villains and vice-versa, and time travel tends to get involved at some point.

    The only problem is the infamous Weisman curse, where one of his shows gets cancelled before the plot can conclude, this being prominent in Gargoyles (though that was caused by Disney making changes to the show in it's third season that made him leave the production team), Spectacular Spider Man, and Young Justice. He's working on a new Star Wars series to air on Disney XD called Star Wars: Rebels, said to take place between Episodes 3 and 4 of the Star Wars films, and I hope it's great.
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