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Hexxus (Tim Curry's character) from Fern Gully scared the life out of me as a little kid. It doesn't help that, at the end, he turns from a freaky smoke monster into literally a demon straight out of hell.

All in a G-rated movie with lots of vibrant scenery.
I re-watched FernGully, which I saw as a little kid, recently. This horrified me as a child and still does now! Weirdly enough, Hexxus never crept me out, even though he scared so many people when they were kids. When I was a little, I mainly got really upset about the forest being polluted and cut down. What I wanted to mention was a scene that disturbed me back then and now. I listen to music that many people consider "super emo," involving things like suicide, homicide, ignorance, and extreme depression, and it soothes me. When I heard this horrific song in FernGully, it actually made me feel sick. It was the Batty Rap. You'd think that a catchy rap introducing the adorable comic relief character of the movie would be a happy. It turns out to be an extremely freaky-sounding sadistic horror-song about how he was tortured in a lab, and lost his mind.
I been brain-fried, electrified, infected and injectified
Vivosectified and fed pesticides
My face is all cut up
My radar's all shut up
Nurse I need a check-up from the neck up
I'm Batty

It seems to have no effect doctor

They used and abused me
Battered and bruised me
Red wires green wires stuck em' right through me
So hear my Batty word
And excersise a little prudence
When dealing with humans