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Thread: Music: The Fadeout

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    Default Music: The Fadeout

    So I'm kind of forced to post this due to family loyalties, but it's not really that good and... /trollface

    Actually, while it is my brothers band, I really rather like their work, in a sixties-music sort of way. It's really relaxing. They're a pretty obscure band right now (so all you hipsters are still allowed to like them), but I'd love nothing more than to change that.

    For those (ie, all of you, that's why I said they were *obscure*) who have no idea who they are, you can see their second

    If you have any questions for the band, feel free to ask me, I'll pass along :) (Also they say if they get enough hits from pokéfans they might just do a cover of the pokémon theme...but no promise there! )
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    Default Re: Music: The Fadeout

    The lead singer reminds me of that of Mutemath, and the arrangement as a whole reminds of some alternative-to-post-rock bands such as Mogwai and Tortoise, and I whole heartedly approve of that. Even if it isn't supposed to be a direct homage to Mogwai in specific, it definitely feels like it. There were some parts that felt experimental and sounded circus-y, but that's what a new band has to do to discover their sound, no? I do like it. 8)
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    Default Re: Music: The Fadeout

    I very much love this overall actually. The song is soothing and it's definitely something I could listen to regularly along with my bizarre tastes in well all kinds of music. I honestly would love to hear more, Pokemon theme included. :P

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    Default Re: Music: The Fadeout

    My brother has his own band too. I like their style. They remind me of quite a few different bands. Good voice.


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