A movie i just can't name
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Thread: A movie i just can't name

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    Default A movie i just can't name

    I once saw a film in my youth that seemed to have potential, but i just can't name it.

    All i remember about it is that there was man who, near the end, was with a silent young boy until the boy wanted to go home. The man let the boy go home, but shortly after, he was attacked by a group of natives who chased all the to a fortress. The man eventually collapsed from exhaustion and as the natives got in closer, the fortress shot at one of them. The film ended with the man looking towards the fortress.

    Does this film ring a bell to anyone?

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    Default Re: A movie i just can't name

    That sounds like the ending to The Naked Prey.

    EDIT: Oh looky, I found the clip. :)

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    Well, i finally got a chance to skim through the movie and, i have to say, i wish i had more info going in. IMBD said that this movie was UR (unrated), but i distinctly saw things that warranted an R-rating (or at least glimpsed them, i was trying to be cautious), things that i wish were out of my thoughts right now.


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