We've all heard of Vulcans, Klingons, Spock, Kirk and the Enterprise - now what if that could really be a reality. If you type in the words 'Sci-Fi Programs' into google you'll come up with many that you probably will have never heard of and never again (unless you keep doing the search) and you'll probably come across some notorious ones such as 'Star Trek' 'Star Wars' 'Babylon 5' 'Battlestar Galactica' Just to name a few however those technologies are becoming wildly available. Look at Mobile Phones. Did we have them in the 60's - you'd have to be dumb to answer that one wrong - and then look at Star Trek and Star Wars, they communicate using devices (not similarly different to some mobile phones out there) that don't have music or videos but do have clever ways of targeting a certain person.

Well now that space exploration is about to hit a new high is it really unlikely we'll be seeing less of these 'Sci-Fi gizmos'? Touch screens are now available and computer systems too that could easily be integrated into homes and control your heating, water and so on (people may not like it but it's possible) and from there you can control it with your voice bring up displays on your television or computer screens and even control your tv from an implanted touch screen in your sofa changing channels from that by just using it as a universal remote. We even have automatic doors that could easily be fitted into a computer system in a home and replaced with the traditional handle doors. These possibilities at the moment are endless and just a few of the things we could do and we can strive towards with the technology and achieve. At the beginning of the year 2000 people would have thought this all farfetched however look at it now, I'm sure most of you reading this could see this occurring within the next decade.

Which leads me on to asking what do you want to see in the realms of technology we have available at the moment, what do you want it used for and what new technology do you want to see created using old systems as starts or even creating the idea from scratch.

And with a final message some astronauts have been working on a new engine capable of getting us to Mars in 36 days instead of a couple of months. This is using a fusion or fission reactor (cannot remember specifically) which uses nuclear reactions to fuel it. A test flight is planned for 2011 and if this is a success we could be going to Mars for Honeymoons or Holidays in 5 - 10 years time!