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Thread: Do you pay attention to lyrics?

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    I try not to, but sometimes it just happens.

    I guess that is why my favorite music does not have lyrics in them or the singer is so loud, wasted, and/or has an accent that you can barely understand the lyrics. A lot of great songs with good music can be ruined by bad lyrics. I am not going to make a lot of friends saying this and I know nobody wants to hear unpopular opinions, but that song "Under My Thumb" from Rolling Stones is a great example of what I am talking about. I love the music in that song, but damn, do I hate the lyrics! I just cannot enjoy that song because I end up listening to the lyrics. It just comes off as mean-spirited and vengeful. It didn't feel playful or satirical to me at all.

    Of course, there are some songs with great lyrics that can be heard as clear as a bell with great music. Coldplay produces a lot of those songs and they are one of my favorite bands. I just cannot stand songs with mean-spirited lyrics that are about revenge or getting back at someone. It's even worse when there is good music playing along with it. I guess for me it's music first, lyrics second. I want to listen to the music, but I don't want it to be marred by bad lyrics. If a song has good lyrics and good music, I am one happy camper.

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    Default Re: Do you pay attention to lyrics?

    No, music is about the melody to me. Lyrics are meaningless. 90% of the music I listen is instrumental for a reason.

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    Yes, yes I do. If a song is made by a SINGER then I will have to pay attention to the lyrics they created or was created for them.

    SO if you have terrible lyrics, with a good beat. Bad song.
    Good lyrics with a bad beat. Bad song.
    Bad lyrics, bad beat =terrible song.

    However, for other songs I just listen to the beats and transitions for non vocal songs.

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    Vocals are very important to me. However I can still listen to just a good beat. Here's how music goes for me:
    good vocals + good beat = perfect!
    good vocals + bad beat = pretty good
    bad vocals + good beat = ok
    bad vocals + bad beat = nope...
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