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    Here are the faces I think. Take it with a grain of salt though. Odd hasn't got the hair but I suppose that'd look too silly for LA. He looks fine enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinalSynFrey View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BlazingQuilava. View Post
    I'm so thrilled for Code Lyoko Evolution. The Lyoko scenes shown just looked amazing and I see we got a bit of a visual update for the CGI. I'm actually really liking so far how the cast translated into live action, though not so much with Odd really...Still I'm really looking forward to this
    I thought that Odd's actor would have his hair style, but I guess It won't happen.
    The visual update is pretty decent. But in my opinion, the faces could use a little more work.
    I know Odd's hairstyle is difficult to replicate but they could've done much better really...
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