Order in my court!

Normal Tough Contest

Synthesis- Machop. DoH- Scizor. Sec- Togekiss. Jesse- Bibarel.

Primary Round
Togekiss scored a huge lead, making it a challenge for the others to beat it in the Secondary Round.

Secondary Round
Togekiss and Scizor used Agility/Extremespeed to go first, doubling their points with Air Slash the following appeal. Machop worked on getting Scary Face/Leer combos, while Bibarel used high scoring Tough moves to gain as many Hearts as it could. Togekiss won both Crowd Max points and was not startled enough to lose the round. Togekiss and Bibarel gave a good showing.

Final Score
Winning both rounds, Togekiss took first by a large number.

1st: Sec- $2,000 + $1,500 Contest Credits + Normal Tough Ribbon
2nd: JokesterJesse- $1,500 + $1,000 Contest Credits
3rd: Dog of Helsing-$1,500 + $500 Contest Credits
4th: Synthesis- $1,000 + $500 Contest Credits

$2,000 wages.