-Forum Contest Rules-

1- Use the Coordinator Station for challenges. Make sure you join the URPG first.

2- Lay out all the rules in the first post. The title of the thread will list the competitors and the type of Contest. (Ex. Hyper Cool Contest)

3- Each Coordinator will send out their Pokemon and all information relative for the Contest. For the Primary Round, the Judge needs to know the attribute levels of your Pokemon.

4- For the Secondary Round, you can either post your attack in the thread or send a PM to the Judge.

5- You will post/send one move and wait for the Judge to post the stats, then repeat until all 5 rounds are over. If the rules are Regular, be sure to send your 4 moves to the Judge at the start.

6- Inactivity will play a large roll. If you don’t call a move after 5 days, your turn will be skipped. Your Pokemon will still be under attack though.

7- Only the coordinator and the Judge are allowed to post in their thread. Fans can root from the outside.

8- Have fun!

-Forum Contest Tips-

1- If you have a contest over messenger and it doesn't finish, you are allowed to post the stats here and continue it later (either here or back on messenger). Hopefully, this will lessen the amount of time "wasted" by Judges.

2- For the Judges, try to be respectful. If someone is judging one battle, don't start judging for them unless you were asked or that Judge hasn't responded in a while.

3- Please have patience not only for the Judge, but for the contest because it will not be as fast as messenger. It is highly encouraged that you download AIM or YIM, if able.

4- Trading Pokémon. If you want to trade a Pokémon that is involved in a contest, you must wait for the contest to be finished in order to trade. If you do trade that Pokémon, your will automatically be dropped from the contest.

5- Judges. Be aware at how many Contests you are judging, so you aren’t flooded with PM’s.