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    -Credits to 8-Bit

    The battle arena is set. This is the board for those members of the URPG that don't have messenger battling capabilities (i.e. YIM/MSN/AIM/IRC). This board is also for those with time difficulties and can't be online at a desired time to battle their opponent.

    -How to Battle-

    1. First, visit the Trainer Station to find other people willing to battle on the forum. Post your request or accept someone’s challenge.
    2. Then one of you will create the thread. The title of the thread will be listed as: Trainer vs Trainer. Nothing else needs to be in the title. If it is a War Battle, put {WAR} in the front. The first post in that thread MUST state the rules of the battle. Figure out the rules before starting the thread. Also, one battle per thread.
    3. Each Trainer posts their Pokémon and one attack. Then they wait for a Referee to put the stats up. Continue like this until the battle is over.
    4. Try to make the battle more fun. Instead of saying "Thunder" say "Pikachu, use that mighty electrical Thunder you have on Blastoise." More fun! :wink:
    5. Once the battle is over, the thread is ended and there is no purpose to keep posting. Any pointless posts will be deleted so try not to waste time.
    6. Stadium/Colosseum and Anime rules will not be allowed to battle with as they will take way too long to finish and are only for messenger. G/S and R/S and D/P are your only choices.
    7. NO REFEREE IS OBLIGATED TO REFFING YOUR MATCH! A Referee will show up to the battle when one of them is available. Do not post saying you need a Referee.

    -Forum Battle Tips-

    1. Members without messengers may have up to 3 battles here. Members with messengers may have only 1 battle at a time. If you go over the limit, your battle may be locked. Gym Leaders may have 1 Gym Battle and 1 other battle.
    2. If your opponent doesn't reply to the battle for 2+ weeks, you are entitled to any winnings you deserve. First, you MUST try to contact your opponent to remind him/her of the battle. If that fails, then go to a Moderator and he/she will look at the battle to determine an outcome. Their decision is final.
    3. If you have a battle on messenger and it doesn't finish, you are allowed to post the battle stats here and continue it later (either here or back on messenger). Hopefully, this will lessen the amount of time "wasted" by Referees.
    4. For the Referees, try to be respectful. If someone is reffing one battle, don't start reffing for them unless you were asked or that Referee hasn't responded in a while.
    5. Please have patience not only for the Referee, but for the battle because it will not be as fast as messenger. It is highly encouraged that you download AIM or YIM, if able.
    6. Trading Pokémon. If you want to trade a Pokémon that is involved in a battle, you must wait for the battle to be finished in order to trade. If you do trade that Pokémon, your battle may be locked and your opponent will win the match.
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