"I think I'd like to go home," Jesse said to me. It was understandable, he had captured some pretty good Pokemon, and now he was happy with what he had. I was leading Jesse back to the front door, all that was going to be left to do now was select which three Pokemon he wanted, though I had a good idea, and he could be on his way. Though, as we got to the front door, he turned to me and said, "hey Gary, I'm not going to choose Shinx, but could I see her ball anyways?" I had a good idea that I knew what he wanted to do, so I agreed and handed him Shinx's Park Ball.

"A deal is a deal," Jesse said as he let Shinx come out from its ball. He then sent out his Chansey, and had it heal up the Shinx, who was still weak from its previous battle with Gastrodon. To let Shinx know it was truly free, Jesse destroyed the ball he had used to capture Shinx, meaning that Shinx had been set free. With that Shinx was free to return to the other Shinx, and Luxio, and any other Pokemon it wanted to.

We got back to the ranger station, and Jesse decided on the three Pokemon he wanted; he chose to take the Klang, the Magneton, and of course the Porygon2. Before he left he turned to me one more time, and said, "thank you for a great time. I wish you luck on the rest of your rangering." And with that Jesse took off, and headed back for home with his new Pokemon in hand.

Run Completed